Linen Storage Basket

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Item No.: zongse
Thick heavy fabric and sturdy metal rod frame around the top keep the box shape and can allow you put more heavy stuff
Durable and sturdy,It is able to hold ton of stuffs
Lined with a thin muslin fabric,the lined fabric is easy to clean
Rope handles fo
Rectangular Fabric Storage Bin with Two Rope Handles

TheWarmHome Storage Bin

Creating and decorating our home can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task.

They require a balance of beauty and function that sometimes seems impossible to strike, but TheWarmHome baskets will show that you can create a great space.

This basket is a great way to hide items in your entryway or closet, It keeps the space looking clean and organized.

Perfect Size for Toy Storage


  • Dimensions:15.7(L) x 11.8 (W)x 8.3(H) inches
  • The Basket is perfect for storage kids toys, Dipers,Blankets,Towels,DVDs,Books,Magazines,Gifts,Socks,Pet Toys.
  • This Bin works great for organizing closet, Living Room,Bedroom,toys room, bathroom, Nursery Room and Apartment.


Great Storage Basket for Shelf and Closet


  • Material:High Quality Linen 
  • The material is made of thick fabric and keeps its shape even when empty.
  • Durable and high quality material make this storage basket last a good long time.
  • It is able to hold ton of stuffs and can last a lifetime