Felt Storage

Felt Storage Bin Decorative Storage Basket for Shelves Clothes Basket Toy Bin Rectangle Organizer Bins Closet Organizer Baby Basket for Storage

Item No.: felt
It's an ideal storage solution for closet storage, bedroom organizer, bathroom basket
Neutral color palette to coordinate with any decor,decorative basket for storage
Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Leather handles for easy slide in and pull out of shelve
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1. Made of Thick Fabric: The material it is made out of thick fabric, it stays constructed even when empty.

2.Perfect for Storing: The storage bin is perfect for storing stuff,kids toys,books,DVDs,clothing,diapers,cosmetics,bra,underwear,socks,pet toys

3.Easy to care:This convenient storage bin are easy to clean,just wipe with a damp sponge or cloth.

4.Sturdy and Durable: This storage bin can allow you put heavy stuff.

5.Thick handles:Every storage container has two thick rope handles,these sturdy thick handles are designed to give you optimum tension and comfort while transporting these amazing storage bins.